More Information about Emmaus House

Emmaus House History

Cumbria Emmaus Trust was formed as a charity in June 1987 to provide residential care primarily for elderly Christians. This has now been changed to be able to care for not only the elderly but also any adults with the appropriate physical needs. The home called Emmaus House is located at Moresby Parks and was opened in June 1992.

Ethos Of The Home

Cumbria Emmaus Trust believes that our Christian ethos is based on the need to express Christ’s love to those whom we serve as residents in Emmaus House, to the staff and to all who interact with the home.

The motivation for this Christian ethos comes from the love God showed to the world in the giving of Jesus Christ as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world and therefore as believers we are also compelled to show forth God’s love (2 Cor 5:14 &15) which is rooted in our faith in Christ. This faith produces an attitude of Christian love, which expresses itself and is characterised by the following values and behaviours:

  1. The Trustees of Cumbria Emmaus Trust and the Management Team at Emmaus House aim to give our residents love and care in a Christian environment. It is our belief that people who have worked hard and may have faced many difficulties throughout life should not have the additional worry of what is to happen to them in their later years and that this is best achieved by those who have experienced God’s forgiveness themselves.
  2. We desire that every person should be able to look forward to love and care in a comfortable environment; so we feel that Christians should be able to look forward to Christian love and care in a comfortable setting. That is what we strive to achieve at Emmaus House.
  3. To see each resident as a whole person and meet that person's unique needs at each specific point in their lives.
  4. To meet individual needs, with just the right amount of assistance or independence.
  5. To meet each resident's physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.
  6. To provide care to all residents to a standard of excellence which embraces fundamental principles of good care practice, that may be witnessed and evaluated through the practice, conduct and control of quality care in the home.
  7. We believe that rules and regulations should be kept to a minimum. This is an important factor in safeguarding each resident's entitlement to choice, independence, dignity, privacy, fulfillment and basic human rights.

To fulfill the fundamental Christian ethos of the Trust, it becomes a genuine occupational goal to engage wherever possible staff who are committed Christians, this becomes a particular requirement with respect to the Manager as this position determines how the ethos is implemented, specifically one of Christian care & guidance for the residents and leadership to the staff.

It is essential that the attitudes & behaviours are maintained and so we expect our staff to act in good faith and with loyalty to the ethos and to Christ-like behaviour.

The Trust is committed to diversity amongst our staff and volunteers and will not discriminate on other grounds that are unrelated to our ethos. We believe that defining our occupational requirements does not restrict, but actually enhances our commitment to diversity.